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Home Tidying Top Tips

Posted on 12 May, 2020

We get asked for tidying tips, a lot! This list has been created to help you keep your home looking fresher, healthier and inviting. Without much further ado:

Start off your morning with making your bed

Yep, simple as that. Make it as crisp as you can. It sparks a sense of achievement first thing in the morning and gives your brain an endorphin shot. It will continue to give you that sense of “I’ve done something” through the day too when you walk past your bed. You’ll love getting into your made bed at the end of your day too. Minimize pillows, in our opinion, they just add to the chaos, unless you’ve listed your home for sale.

If you have kids’ cots in your bedroom, make them just as tidy too. Kids’ change table in the bedroom? Yep, declutter it too. All of this doesn’t take more than 5 mins. Yep, we’ve timed it.

Do your laundry regularly

This will depend on how many loads you go through during the week, you may not need to do this every single day. But for us, we go through at least 7 loads of laundry a week. Try to get into the habit of putting one load into the washer as soon as you can in the morning. If the cycle wont complete before you gotta leave home for your day, put the machine on delay. When you come in the afternoon/evening, your clothes will have that “just-been-done” feel to them.

Did you know a lot of these retail power companies bill you lesser if you use power during the day and higher in the evening when everyone’s home?! We suggest setting the washer/dryer to work within those times.

Be happy with “clean enough”

Most people lead busy lives with tons to do with kids, work and social commitments. That’s more than enough on our plates, let alone clean the house, do the laundry and the like. Don’t beat yourself up over things not in order to your highest standards. If you reckon you’re 80% there, that’s good enough in our opinion. Don’t be a perfectionist all the time, it wears you down pretty quickly. Or outsource your cleaning requirements to us.

Get your kids involved!

Yep, we said it! Get your kids involved in making their own beds, putting away their toys in baskets/drawers, throwing used tissues in the bin and not leaving food scraps on the table. Simple stuff. It’ll get them to understand early on they can’t make a mess and let you worry about cleaning up after them. Start ‘em young!

Prioritize things on your checklist

Humans work best with things that are structured. Checking off things on a checklist gets you going and as you near the end of the list you get that sense of accomplishment. Small things but with an exhilarating finish. Jot down your most important got-to-be-done items in order and get these done before working on other stuff. Stay focused, kick goals!

Do a 10-15 minute nightly cleanup

Make it a routine. Just after you’ve stashed away cleaned dishes or put used ones in the dishwasher, herald the start of the nightly cleanup mission. Kids can tidy up the play areas, you and your partner can focus on the high traffic areas. Put the laundry in the washer or basket ready for next day. Rev up your vacuum robot.

Keep cleaning supplies close to where you’d use them

Toilet bowl scrub and cleaner near the seat, glass cleaning spray and soap scum remover in your bathroom’s vanity along with microfiber cloth, dish scrub and kitchen cleaning products under the kitchen sink. Simple stuff, right, but cuts down on the number of trips you need to do to a broom closet. More time to get more things done.

Declutter your home

Set aside a weekend where you’ll actively scout for things you don’t need anymore.

Kids grown up and don’t need their stoller? Give it a 5 min dusting, give it to someone who needs it or put it on Gumtree or some similar marketplace and recoup some of your money.

Toys broken? There are plenty of charities out there that will take your old toys away for free and give to less fortunate kids who’ll appreciate them.

Old mattresses? Swap them for a new one, most retailers let that happen. Or just put them on Gumtree.