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Should You Book a Cleaning Service During COVID-19?

Posted on 31 May, 2020

We believe the answer is yes. The need to ensure your home is clean and disinfected is greater than ever before. We have been taking all precautions and measures for the safety of our customers and our cleaning teams. You can rest assured our teams will have all the personal protective equipment needed to do their job, for your safety and theirs. Safe Work Australia recommends cleaning thoroughly and regularly during this crisis, read their directive here.

Here is why you should use our cleaning services during COVID-19?

Experienced cleaners. Our cleaners are experienced in disinfection services that safely, effectively, and quickly work against the latest coronavirus. Soap is one of the best products available to kill it – it has molecules that attract water and fat. Most viruses are made of fat and protein. When soap touches a virus, it rips the fat coating off. The virus gets obliterated, in about 20 or so seconds. Most cleaning products have soap as one of their main ingredients. Simply put, you should continue to use cleaning services. Cleaning services are part of essential services too, so we have been operating throughout this time.

Strict procedures. We have implemented strict measures to do our part in limiting the spread of the coronavirus. Here is how:

  • None of our cleaning teams have been overseas in the last 14 days
  • Should a customer report as being affected by the coronavirus, the cleaners that have been to the customer’s home will self-isolate for 14 days
  • We are working from home and practicing social distancing
  • Our teams will keep a safe distance from all people inside your home to protect you and themselves

Cleaning products. Our cleaners will use commercial/hospital grade products where possible. Most of these products contain soap. If you are keen on your cleaners using your products, just make sure soap is an ingredient in them to get the most hygienic clean. The coronavirus does not like soap!

Anti-viral clean. In order to give our customers more peace of mind, we have been offering the anti-viral and disinfectant clean as an add-on to regular cleaning services. When you choose this add-on, will use only products that kill all the nasties in your home. For the most thorough clean, we recommend and advise this add-on service is used. We understand everyone is going through an unprecedented situation, as such this add-on is capped at $25 on top of the normal cleaning cost.

Flexibility. We realize we are all going through trying and unexpected times. As such we will try and be as flexible as we can with your booking. In turn, we ask you to give us as much advance notice as you can so we can give you the best cleaning services for your money. We are here to help!