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Our Story

Your Cleaning Company

SprucedUp was created after repeat ordinary experiences with a well-known cleaning company in Melbourne. How can it be so hard to provide an exceptional service so customers get their money’s worth? Why can’t humans look after humans?

In the words of several IT industry heavyweights, make the system so simple that even a pre-teen can use it. Complex at the back-end, but crazy simple at the front. With that and exceptional customer service in mind, IT architect and engineer, Manny Sidhu, created the cleaning services company SprucedUp.


Here’s what sets us apart from just about any other cleaning services company in the market

  • No lock in contracts
  • Extremely simple and visual booking platform that your kids could operate too
  • Full transparency in pricing with NO surprises, guaranteed
  • Super rapid responses to your questions via online chat and email
  • Earth-friendly products used where possible
  • Colleagues and contractors are part of the SprucedUp family and well looked-after

Cleaning Company in Melbourne


Looking for a Melbourne House Cleaning Company?


With SprucedUp, you’ll experience cleaning services you’ve never had before.
You will always get your money’s worth, guaranteed.