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Deep Cleaning Service

Deep Clean

Life's been too busy? We all have those times. Completely Spruce Up your home with a very thorough and detailed Deep Cleaning Service.

House not cleaned for over a month?

Deep clean

House sparkling clean!

Have you had too much on your plate to tend to the house? We've all had those times. What do you do? Book your friendly SprucedUp professional house cleaning staff and get your house back on track again.

If your house hasn't been completed for over a month, then the Deep clean add-on is the one to use. This allows our cleaners extra time to provide your house with an intense clean to get things sparkling again.


How to book a Deep clean?

Flat rate

Choose the Deep clean add-on

House sparkling clean!

If you reckon your house hasn't been cleaned for a month or so, we recommend Home Deep Cleaning Services. We also suggest a deep house cleaning services the first time you engage us, it allows the cleaners to bring the cleanliness of the house to very high standards.

Note that if you book a flat rate service and the cleaners see the house hasn't been regularly cleaned, for at least a month, (the cleaners are experienced!), we may require the Deep clean service be added to your booking. While this will cost you some extra money, we assure you the deep house cleaning services will be well worth your money. Guaranteed.


You win with SprucedUp!

Satisfaction guarantee

Experienced cleaners

Very high standards of cleaning

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