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FAQs For Existing Cleaners

How do I enter in my availability for the week?
  • Log into the platform using your credentials
  • Go to My Availability
  • Enter in your availability for up to 1 month in advance
  • You’re able to edit your availability too
  • Click update to finish updating your availability

It’s best to have the same availability week after week in order to get more work. A lot of customers prefer the same cleaners on the same day at the same time every time. In order to build a steady customer base, it’s best to have uniform availability. But we know everyone’s got family and social responsibilities and the system will accommodate your availability and bookings accordingly.
What makes customers the happiest?
Customers tell us that sparkling bathrooms, kitchen and floors make them happiest. So, keep these at the top of your cleaning list in mind when doing the booking. Other than that, here’re some more hot tips:
  • Arrange pillows and cushions neatly on beds and/or couches
  • Stack newspapers and/or magazines neatly
  • Dust shelves and tabletops
  • Avoid streaks on shower screens and mirrors
  • Remove soap scum from on and under soap dishes and/or handwash dispenser
  • Place oven trays back in the oven when you’ve finished cleaning the oven
  • Complete work on time!
How do I get SprucedUp’s Koala cleaning products?
Once you’ve been successfully entered into the system, we’ll send you Koala products to your postal address. When you’re running low on these supplies, just let us know and we’ll send out more.
What if the customer wants me to their products?
Use the products the customer wants you to use. People have preferences for certain products, the smells and the effect of the clean. If they don’t ask you to use their products, you should use your own cleaning products (not the Koala ones since they incur the customer a fee)
Please note that in the interest of your and the next customer’s hygiene, you’re required to change sponges and cloths between bookings. This is not negotiable.
Can I refer someone to work with SprucedUp?
For sure! Get them to apply as you did and mention in the notes that you referred them in. That’s about it!.