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FAQs For New Customers

How do I pay for the booking and can I pay at the end of the clean?
We require a valid credit card or debit card to secure your booking. All services are charged at the completion of the cleaning service and after confirming with you that the service was done up to expectations. Please note we will attempt to contact you 3 times about the quality of the service after which the payment will be taken from your card on record.
Are the cleaners experienced?
For sure. Every cleaner has had at least 1 year cleaning experience, in many cases at least 2 – 3 years. You’re in good hands with SprucedUp!
Are the cleaners background checked and interviewed by SprucedUp?
You bet! Every cleaner must provide us with a clear police check that is no more than 6 months old. The majority of cleaners have a valid working with children check too. Our interviewing process works like so:
  • Phone interview with the director
  • If they pass the phone screen, they get invited to an in-person meeting with the director
  • They get asked about their cleaning experience, how they dealt with different scenarios and how they go about their cleaning duties. Following all that, we make sure they have a calm, easy going and pleasing personality.
It’s our job at SprucedUp to hire the best people so you can get your money’s worth.
How do I check for my upcoming bookings?
Your booking confirmation email will contain a link for you to use to create your login. Alternatively, you can start off with creating a login first and then create a booking.
When will I receive my booking confirmation email?
This should happen pretty much within a few minutes after you’ve successfully made your booking, barring a slowdown in the internet somewhere (which usually doesn’t happen!).
What will my booking confirmation email contain?
It will contain the following:
  • Summary of your booking (number of bedrooms and anything you pointed out)
  • The time your cleaners will arrive, please give them a 15 mins or so window in case they got caught up in traffic
  • Expected time of completion of the clean (this may vary given how much effort they need to put in to clean to very high standards)
  • First name of your cleaner(s)
What will the cleaners bring with them?
All our cleaners will arrive with their cleaning equipment and supplies. If there are specific products such as mops, brooms, cleaning liquids you’d like them to use, absolutely let them know. They’d be more than happy to use your preferred products or equipment.
The cleaners will use different cleaning cloths and sponges for bathrooms, kitchens and other areas. In the interest of hygiene, they’re advised to disinfect and change cloths and sponges after finishing a service and going to another one.
Most of our cleaners will carry a small step ladder for high up areas such as high ceilings, fans etc. Some cleaners travel by public transport and will not have a step ladder with them. If you live in an area with restricted parking (CBD and surrounds), please be sure to let us know at the time of booking if a step ladder is required and they will plan to bring one in.
How long will the cleaning service take?
It’ll depend on the size of your home or the number of rooms you need cleaned. As a general idea, it will take anywhere from at least 1.5 hours to 6.5 hours. It may take even longer for a large home with several bedrooms and a deep clean with extras you may have included.
Can I request the cleaners to extend their stay and do some more?
Feel free to talk to our friendly cleaners if you’d like some additional work done. If their schedule permits, they generally will extend their stay. We’ll make changes to the booking’s duration and details and charge accordingly. As always, you will get charged after the completion of the clean.
Do I need to provide parking for the cleaners?
Yes, please! They have to park their car or van somewhere, right! If you live in the CBD or an area where parking is hard to find, please ensure you mention this in the booking. Two options here:
  • Advise us at the time of booking (or before the cleaners arrive) of a private parking bay they can use
  • Advise us at the time of booking that they need to use public parking

NOTE: any parking charges will be added on and billed on top of the booking. Our cleaners will try finding a public parking spot for 20 minutes, after which the job will be cancelled and a fee incurred.
Some of our cleaners use public transport, if you’re able to give us plenty of advance notice of your clean and be as flexible as possible, we will do our best to allocate these cleaners for your cleaning service.
How do I contact you about my cleaning service?
You can contact us by:

During office hours, we endeavor to reply to all chat messages within 1 minute and emails within 5 minutes. These are probably better response times than our competition by miles!
If you need to contact us outside of business hours, please shoot through an email and we’ll reply ASAP the first thing next morning.
What about your office hours?
Our office hours are from 8am – 6pm Monday through to Friday and 10am – 1pm Saturday.
What days of the week do you clean?
We provide cleaning services 7 days a week.
What if I’m not happy with the clean?
All feedback is welcome, positive or negative. It helps us improve our services. All our services come with our satisfaction guarantee. This means if you’re not happy with the service, please send us an email describing the issue with relevant photos. With our guarantee, we will provide a reclean within a few days of the initial clean, rectify the issue and/or tack on an appropriate discount.
Can I give the cleaner a key?
For sure you can. It will help the cleaners get into the property unhindered and complete their tasks. Please make sure the key tag does not mention the property’s address or your full name. Only your first name and first initial of your surname on the tag please. This is to ensure no traceability of the key back to the property. We run weekly reports on what keys our cleaners have in their possession.
NOTE #####!!!! There needs to be a screenshot of where the customer can enter in entry information in the booking. See TidyMe’s example here.
Can I provide the cleaner with access to the key safe or security code?
Absolutely. In fact, this is the recommended way to go about this. Say your scheduled cleaner can’t make it to the booking due to an emergency, we can send out a replacement team to your clean so they can complete the clean on the scheduled date. Win win! Just give us the combination to the safe or the security code at the time of the booking.
Will I always get the same cleaner?
Mostly, yes. We will do our best to send out the same cleaners every time. In fact, our cleaners love going to the same job over and over since they know what to clean, where to clean and how you like it done. It’s all about providing you with stellar cleaning services at SprucedUp!
Please note there may be things like public holidays, emergencies, sickness and vacation that may impact your usual cleaning team being sent for your booking. We will always give you as much advance notice as we possibly can, but unfortunately things like vehicle breakdown, traffic jams etc are out of SprucedUp’s control and can potentially affect your scheduled start. Again, we will let you know as quickly as we can if this is the case
Do I have to be present at the time of the cleaning service?
Totally up to you. We recommend you’re around for the first instance of a regular cleaning service so you can show the cleaners around the property and point out things that you’d like attention to or certain products you want them to use. Other than that, it’d be best to plan to give the cleaners a key with them or provide remote access or combination number.
Will the cleaners move furniture?
The cleaners will move and clean under light furniture. With heavy furniture such as beds and sofas, they will vacuum and mop under them but will not move those items. This is due to the very high risk of scratching floors and/or the cleaners hurting themselves. No one wants either of those two things to happen. Summing it up, no, they will not move heavy furniture. If you’re happy to move the furniture yourself, feel free to do so.
Do you perform cleaning on the exterior of the property?
No, our focus is on interior work only. The only exterior part of a property that can be added on is a balcony, which is an extra that can be tacked on to your booking.
Do you clean windows?
Yes, but interior part of the windows only. Not exterior.
What is NOT included in your cleaning services?
A number of things are excluded from our cleaning services primarily because we want our crew to be safe from injuries. These things are:
  • Exterior parts of windows
  • Removal of pet litter and/or cleaning of pet cages
  • Removal of heavy mould
  • Cleaning of mattresses
  • Removal and/or cleaning of human body fluids
  • Moving heavy furniture
  • Cleaning of high windows that aren’t reachable using a small step ladder the crew carries