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Our Vision

The vision is simple at SprucedUp.

Top notch, consistent cleaning services provided by true cleaning professionals backed by high-performance office staff using the latest in technological advances.


For our customers:

  • High quality cleaning services completed on time, every time, with a smile.
  • Extremely simple booking platform
  • 5 minute response time to your emails and 1 minute response time to your chat messages
  • Transparent pricing model with NO surprise charges, ever
  • Satisfaction and bond-back (if applicable) guarantee, always
  • Handpicked, reference-checked, police-checked, trustworthy and reliable cleaners

For our colleagues:

  • Challenging, fun and engaging place of work where everyone is nurtured to be the best version of themselves. At SprucedUp, opinions are appreciated and everyone’s at the same level.
  • Everyone’s respected regardless of age, gender and any other differences
  • No one’s a number, our colleagues are human and given flexibility rarely seen elsewhere
  • Open door policy, everyone’s heard and there’s regular communication
  • Everyone’s trusted to make routine decisions

For our contractors:

  • You’re part of the SprucedUp family at all times.
  • You’re the reason why we exist, we’ll always look after you
  • We understand the complexities and oddities of the job you do
  • Extremely easy to navigate platform to accept and view your bookings, on a smartphone too!
  • Regular work with the ability to do as much as you can take on

Our Anti-discrimination policy

SprucedUp encourages equal opportunity, non-discriminatory and harassment principles at all times. At our company, it doesn’t matter what age you are, what gender, what race, or what colour. None of that stuff matters. The only thing that matters is you be the best version of yourself every day. What goes around, always comes around.

We’re extremely happy to say our cleaning professional are from all kinds of backgrounds and from different parts of the globe. Diversity makes us unique. We’re strong believers that anyone’s worth ethic isn’t dictated by where they’re from. We expect the best from everyone. SprucedUp have a rigorous screening and interviewing process to ensure only the best work with us. All our cleaners have the ability to speak good English, possess excellent communication and cleaning skills, have a clear police check and can share a laugh with customers.