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Regular House Cleaning Service

  • We'll match your requirements with cleaner(s) in your area
  • We'll do our best to get you the same cleaner(s) every time so you get to know them and they know what to do every time
  • You can decide with your cleaner(s) as to how to let them in
  • You can choose to use Koala's eco-friendly products your cleaner(s) will have for a small $5 fee or give them products you already use

Your requirements matched with cleaning crew's skills

We at SprucedUp are focused on providing a 5 star experience every time!


Cleaner's Skill 1

Cleaner's Skill 2

gHappy You!!

Got particular preferences?

Do laundry first and cleaning next?

Just let us know at the time of booking!


Looking for a scheduled cleaning service?

What to book?

Hourly Rate


Flat Rate

Either of our Hourly or Flat Rate services can be used to book a regular, scheduled clean. Depending on the size of your home/office, if selecting the Hourly service we recommend booking some extra time for the first clean. Since we haven't cleaned the home before, so:

  • It may be dirtier and need more cleaning (deep cleaning service).
  • We need to plan the clean and talk to you about what needs to be cleaned
  • Our cleaners will tend to clean everything since we can't always tell what requires more cleaning

Our goal at SprucedUp is to make sure you're happy with the end result of our domestic cleaning services. Your cleaning crew will confirm with you if it's going to take longer than originally booked.


The same cleaners every time

We'll endeavour to send you the cleaning crew every time you get your home/office cleaned. They'll get to know you and after a couple of cleans they wouldn't bother you with questions as you go about doing the more important things in your life. In a way, they become part of your household, how good's that!

On the rare occasion your usual crew's sick, away or cannot come for another reason, we'll be sure to notify you and ask if you're okay with another crew (for that clean) or you'd prefer to wait for your regular crew.

Like we've always said, it's all about providing that experience and keeping things simple. This is what puts a smile on your face.


Access for your cleaning crew

Again, we'll work with what works best for you. Key left in key safe? Key under the door mat? Key in a secret place? Spare key to the cleaners? Provide passcode to the cleaners? Yep! They all work. Decide with your cleaning crew or leave instructions when making the booking.

We recommend you're around for the first clean so you can show the crew around, provide them with your list of priorities and get to know them a bit. After the first instance, it'll be easier as they'll know what to do.